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3 Month Gift Subscription (pre-paid)

3 Month Gift Subscription (pre-paid)

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Don't forget to personalize each subscription with the child's name during checkout.

Introducing the Adventure Series!

Each month for 3 months you or your recipient will receive a letter in the mail from your selected traveler, detailing their exciting travels from around the globe.

These letters will offer a unique glimpse into different cultures, showcasing the local food, customs, and sights of the area. 

We believe that through these adventures, children will be encouraged to ask questions, to be curious about the world around them and to develop a sense of wonder and appreciation for different cultures and landscapes.

*Don't forget to add on a map and a sticker sheet of location markers, so your little reader can follow along the journey in a fun and interactive way!*


3x Engaging monthly letters arriving in your mailbox from your chosen traveller. Each letter will include fun interactive elements to keep the adventure going. 

*This subscription is non-recurring. Please update your subscription settings or contact us to continue travelling with us!*


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