Our Vision

Our vision is to spark the imagination and to inspire a love for adventure and cultural discovery in the hearts of young readers. We believe that through these adventures, children will be encouraged to ask questions and be curious about the world around them. By fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for different cultures and landscapes, we aim to nurture the next generation of global citizens.


Our Journey

These letters are designed to inspire a love of exploration, adventure, and curiosity in young readers. They will take you on a journey through different cultures, landscapes, and wildlife, as our travellers share their observations and insights. You will get to know the local people, learn about their customs and traditions and discover amazing places you may never have heard of before. Letters will include a variety of activities and interactive prompts to engage your little readers beyond the intial letter.

The subscription service is simple to sign up for. Once you have subscribed, you will start receiving letters from your selected traveller every month detailing their latest adventure and experiences. The letters will be delivered directly to your mailbox, so you can enjoy the thrill of receiving mail from their worldly adventures.


Our Story

As a way to encourage kids to unplug from screens and engage with the world around them in a more meaningful way, Atlas and Everest was started by two Moms, Kristie and Andrea, who believe in the importance of exploration and imagination.

With a love for lifelong learning and travel, they wanted to give kids of all ages the ability to be immersed in different cultures and experiences from around the globe. By making this unique subscription service as fun, engaging and educational as possible, Kristie and Andrea aim to inspire kids to learn about the world and all it has to offer.


Explore the World With Us

Adventure Awaits!