Come Travel the World With Us!

Our goal is to spark the imagination of young readers and to inspire a love for exploring the world. We believe that through these monthly adventures, children of all ages will be encouraged to ask questions, to be curious about the world around them and to develop a sense of wonder and appreciation for different cultures and landscapes.

What's Included?

Each month you will receive a letter from your selected traveller as they take you on a journey around the world! Letters arrive directly to your mailbox so your little readers can enjoy the thrill of receiving their very own mail!

After choosing your traveller and subscription type, your little readers will receive a double sided letter from their new friend that includes stories about their latest travels, sketches and information about the food, animals, and places they've seen! Each letter also includes a bonus surprises and a double sided activity sheet with interactive prompts to engage your little readers even more!

How it Works

1. Choose your traveller

2. Choose your subscription

3. Check your mailbox!

Get Started!

Meet Your Travellers

  • Atlas

    Hey there! I’m Atlas, an 11 year old adventurer with a passion for reading, writing, drawing and baking.

    I am currently travelling the world with my parents who are geologists and every so often we get to team up with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin Everest.

    I'm a determined and ambitious girl who loves to see the world in a unique way, and I can't wait to tell you about my adventures!

    Here's to many more miles travelled together!

  • Everest

    Hi! I’m Everest, a 13 year old adventurer, artist and animal lover!

    I am currently travelling the world with my parents who are wildlife photographers and throughout our journey we meet up with my Cousin Atlas, and my Aunt and Uncle.

    I enjoy writing short stories and I'm becoming pretty good behind a camera, too. I am curious about everything the world has to offer and I'm fascinated with making a difference in the lives of animals.

    Until our next journey!

  • River Rae

    Hi, I’m River Rae but my friends call me River! I’m 9 years old and love soccer, gymnastics and climbing trees. I’m a bit of a practical joker so you can always expect some laughs from me!

    I’ve been travelling the world with my Mom and Dad and I’m learning a lot about communication and writing letters and stories.

    Whether I’m on site with my parents or out adventuring, I am able to make the most of my experiences in my home away from home!

    I'm off to enjoy the journey!

  • Cove

    Hi, I’m Cove! I’m a curious 7 year old adventurer and builder of forts. I'm a nature loving kid who's traveling with my Mom & Dad!

    When i'm not being homeschooled, you’ll find us camping, hiking and swimming in almost every lake we find!

    I've already been to so many cool places and I can't wait to see what the world has in store for me next.

    We’ve got the next year mapped out and I'm excited to tell you all about it!

    Adventure Awaits!